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I am Christine Morgan with a keen interest in Health, Education and life generally. In a previous life, before Arthritis robbed me of some of my stamina and mobility, I had a full time career in Education which I loved and even though that was cut short  I remain interested in related issues.

Since leaving my last role as a Senior Education Adviser with a Local Authority I have taken up part time Voluntary opportunities as a fundraiser for Marie Curie Cancer Care and as a Trustee/Chair of Rochdale & District Mind Association. I am a passionate advocate of improvements to Mental Health services and to end the stigma associated with illness. I have suffered from severe clinical depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and know how difficult it was to go through that and experience the highs and lows of treatments and support. Whilst largely recovered I still experience some recurring depressions which I mostly manage successfully along with my deteriorating physical health.

I first became professionally involved with the NHS as a Non Executive Director of a Primary Care Trust and have also worked as a Lay member/Advisor with Commissioning Support Units in Greater Manchester and the North West. In addition I am a Lay member Education visitor with the Health and Care Professions Council(HCPC) regulator and a volunteer member of NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group Patient Panel.

I’ve become an expert patient over the years and am keen to advise and help where I can to improve patient experience. I’m  a member of the co-production group for the Coalition for Collaborative Care (C4CC) which is bringing together a growing number of people and organisations to make person centred and collaborative care the norm. The co-production group are people with Long Term Conditions like me, or carers who have become expert by experience. If you want to know more about the organisation check out the link below.

I have a great love and passion for all things literary and am an enthusiastic supporter of the annual Manchester Literature Festival and monthly Poets and Players meetings.

I am an aspiring writer with a long way to go so am hoping that through blogging I will gain more experience and practice – which I need! I am a supporter of Mindfulness meditation after attending a course for sufferers of chronic pain at Breathworks Manchester and am developing my practice as a coach for development/performance for senior managers.

Whilst a lot of my Blogs will be driven by health matters all the views expressed are my own and I hope that you find them interesting.

Thank you for reading my Blog.


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